Cause of death, Dr. Mohamed Dahir Afrah is dead, Novelist and author

Dr. Mohamed Dahir Afrah was a scholar in every sense of the word and a playwright who did extraordinary work and deed to preserve the Somali language by forming Somali PEN and AGA-Academy of Somali Language.He was versed in Arabic too and wrote books.

Somali president @M_Farmaajo and his premier Mohamed Hussein have expressed their deep sadness on death of Mohamed Dahir Afrah, who was a novelist, scholar and president of Horn of Africa Academy of Somali Language. Afrah has passed away in London.

The Somali language lost its Somali language champion and preserver extraordinaire and as such is orphaned as of today with the sadly demise of Dr. Mohamed Dahir Afrah. His efforts will not go to waste as well as the work and institutions he created.

It’s heartbreaking to hear the death of Dr. Mohamed Dahir Afrah, an illustrious Somali scholar, novelist and literary critic. Dr. Afrah’s early novels inspired generations of Somali novelists and writers. Ilaahay ha u naxariisto.

The Author of #Maanafaay, Mohamed Dahir Afrah passed away in UK. Afrah was one of the prominent Somali Novelist. He contributed a lot about the Somali reading and writing efforts. Janatul Firdowsa In shaa Allah.

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