Cause of death, Flamboyant retired politician Orie Rogo Manduli is dead

Flamboyant retired politician Orie Rogo Manduli has died, daughter Elizabeth Rogo confirms. ‘Total Woman’ was the first female rally driver in Kenya and first woman Chairperson of the NGOs Council.

Orie Rogo Manduli was the first ever Kenyan woman to compete in the Safari Rally in 1974. She has died at her Riverside home in Nairobi. May she Rest In Peace.

Ambassador Orie Rogo Manduli is a woman with many firsts, as she revealed in an interview with the National Daily in August 2005, her life in and out of the public eye.

Most Kenyans know her from her huge and unique head scarves. In most cases, these scarves match her favorite Nigerian-style dresses of hers.

One of her best known feats was becoming the first African-American woman to compete in the 1974 and 1975 East African Wildlife Park Rally.

Former President of the NGO Council Orie Rogo Manduli
“I am very angry because we organize a safari rally every year and the few women who participate are foreigners. I want to show that Kenyan women can also participate in racing competitions. I don’t like being locked in a box or being stereotyped. “Manduli told The Standard’s Eve magazine in March 2014.

Manduly never flinched in battle because she proved time and again that she can deal with anyone who gets in the way and establish dominance.

She often describes herself as a “lion in a cage”. In 2005, she was involved in a dispute over the leadership of the National NGO Committee, which forced the then Minister of Culture and Heritage, Najib Barara. Balala) to intervene and close the door of the NGO Council. Everything from entering or leaving the place.

The armed police stood guard and only allowed reporters to speak to Manduri through a small opening in the metal door, but she still maintained the provocative mood of the past.

Manduly was born in Marceno, her father Gordon Rogo (Gordon Rogo) was the principal and later as a counselor, and Zeruia Adhiambo (Zeruiah Adhiambo) taught at the Kisumu Institute of Technology.

“I’m just like my mother. I went to Ng’iya Girls’ High School, then Butere Girls, then ‘Masaku California’ (Machakos Girls). Again, please don’t go out,” she said.

She revealed that she was a trained teacher but that she never set foot in teaching because she married immediately after entering Machakos Teachers College.

She and her husband went to Canada, where they studied and obtained a diploma in office administration.

The former KBC host revealed that Mary Orie Rogo was born but changed to Mary Orie Rogo Ondieki after the marriage, but she gave up on Mary when her name was filled.

The couple will give birth to three beautiful daughters, Elizabeth, Alison and Janice, but they divorced after five years of marriage, leaving her and the children behind her.

In 1980, she remarried Norman Manduly, a Zambian and cousin of former President Frederick Chiluba, who was a politician and businessman in Lusaka, but worked throughout Africa, hence her name is Ori Rogo Manduly.

“He died in 2003. We did not separate. We have always been together. He is a great husband and father,” she said.

Manduli recalled a question she was asked her first day as a personal assistant to PJ Mwangola, the then CEO of Kenya Railways and Ports Corporation, and that was her first job.

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