Cause of Death, Former fighter Rumi Kazama dead suddenly at 55

By the 22nd, it was revealed that former professional wrestler Rumi Kazama (real name Rumi Saito), who was active in Japan Women’s Wrestling and LLPW, had died. She was 55 years old. The cause of death is unknown.

Kazama made her debut as a kickboxer in 1982. After filming boxing, she joined Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling in 1986. Her activity is not limited to the ring, but she debuted as a singer.

In 1992, she launched LLPW and led the organization as president and fighter. She announced his retirement in 2002, and in August 2003, he completed a period of 21 years of wrestling life and 17 years of wrestling life.

After retiring, he resumed his performing arts activities and, at the same time, devoted himself to restaurant management, conference activities, and business coaching. In November of last year, he opened his own YouTube channel and posted a dialogue with Megumi Kudo and a recent report.

However, Kazama-san’s Twitter posted on August 30, “Endometriosis pain that she has wrinkled for the first time in a long time. I can’t do anything because of this pain.” Sometimes I have a lot of menorrhagia and anemia. I tried to go shopping, but I couldn’t move, “she said.

She was not updated after posting the pizza eating story on September 5.

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