Cause of death, Isabel Pantoja’s mother, Ana Martín, dead at 90

According to a report from Lecturas this Wednesday, Isabel Pantoja’s mother, Ana María Martín, died after a long illness at the age of 90. Her death occurred a few days after she left the Puerto Real de Cádiz University Hospital a week ago. According to the magazine, Martín, who had suffered from Alzheimer’s for many years, died in Cantora and was “surrounded by his family.”

He died this morning after a long illness at the age of 90. Her strong support, her confidante, and the people who have been by her side, have left, causing the singer to completely collapse. Pantoja faces a future she is unprepared for. In the air, she plans to move her residence out of Spain, and of course the war with her son Kiko Rivera to inherit Paquirri’s estate.

This is a decision that seems to have been made. The only thing that connects Isabel Pantoja with her Cantora house is the presence of her mother, Doña Ana. Tonadillera had already thought about moving to a quieter place at some point, where she was not always in the eyes of the hurricane, but the delicate health of his mother prevented him. Now, after hearing the tragic news of Doña Ana’s death, Pantoja faces an uncertain future. The war with hers, her son Kiko, over the inheritance of her father Paquirri and the property of Cantora, has given Isabel Pantoja too many reasons to leave Spain. Tonadillera will not hesitate to cross the pond and settle in the United States, where she also has many followers and an audience that needs her. There is no doubt that Miami may be one of her favorite destinations. Although there are still many edges to solve for this.

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