Cause of death, Jessica Berg Wilson Dead – Obituary

Jessica Berg Wilson, 37, of Seattle, Washington, died unexpectedly on September 7, 2021 from COVID-19 vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT). Her family surrounded she. Jessica is an exceptionally healthy and energetic 37-year-old young mother with no underlying health problems.

Jessica was born on October 29, 1983 in Arthur and Gwenberg in Portland, Oregon. She attended Riverdale Elementary School and graduated from Jesuit High School in 2002 with a bachelor’s degree. Graduated from Oregon State University in 2007. After graduating from university, she achieved a successful career in human resource management and devoted her free time to numerous volunteer careers. She met her beloved husband Tom in 2009. She married in 2012 and has two daughters, Bridget (5) and Clara (3).

Jessica fully embraces motherhood and shares her passion for life with her daughters. Jessica’s commitment to motherhood is strong, and she is unwavering in her determination to train her children to be confident, humble, responsible, caring and compassionate to others, and based on faith. Jessica’s greatest passion is to be Bridget and Clara’s best mother.

Nothing can stop her from appearing in their lives. However, in the last few weeks of her life, the world was darkened by strict vaccine regulations. The local and state governments are determined to deprive her of her right to consult wisdom and enjoy freedom. She has always strongly opposed vaccination because she knows that she is healthy and young, so she is not at risk of serious illness. In her view, the known and unknown risks of unproven vaccines are more like a threat.

But, slowly, day by day, her freedom of choice was deprived. Her enthusiasm for actively participating in the education of her children-including becoming a room mother-was once again hindered by government authorization. In the end, those who closed the door and separated the mother from the child prevailed. This cost Jessica her life. Her children have lost the loving embrace of their loving mother. This caused her husband to lose the sacred love of his loyal wife.

The Kingdom of God has spent a very special soul on the earth, she just makes so many people feel her love in their hearts. In addition to being an excellent mother, Jessica is also a loyal and supportive wife who has created a beautiful and peaceful home for her family, and at the same time in the wonderful Laurelhurst (Laurelhurst) And the Holy Assumption established a family. Bridget neighborhood in Seattle. Jessica and Tom are an excellent team. They put family values ​​and morals and their Catholic faith first.

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