Cause of death, Liam Walsh: Former Widnes Vikings player dead aged 23

Former Pro Football League player Liam Walsh has passed away at the age of 23, his former club Widnes confirmed.

The rower came to the Horton Hornets before joining the Vikings, where he played six first-team games and also represented the English Academy.

Walsh was commemorated by Widnes with a minute’s silence and black armbands against Swindon on Sunday.

“The news of Liam’s death this morning surprised me very much,” said CEO Phil Finney.

“Liam is a very special person who has been a very important part of our club for many years.

“His sense of humor and infectious personality leave a lasting impression on everyone he meets. He is unique and will be remembered fondly by all those lucky enough to meet him at the club.”

“In this sad moment, we are all thinking about his family and friends.”

Rugby Union Vice President Mike Smith said: “This is a terrible tragedy. Our hearts go out to Liam’s family and friends.”

“From what I heard from Liam, it is clear that he is a very popular young man, and his family can be very proud of his family. We will miss him very much and give the club and the family what we have All the support that can be provided.”

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