Cause of death, Marin Bodakov is dead, He was the literary editor of Kultura

Marin Bodakov was born in 1971 and is the author of seven collections of poems, including “Cookie,” “Simple Art,” “Angels at the Zoo,” “North Notebook,” and “Fighting for You.” His book “Naive Art” won the Ivan Nikolov Poetry Prize in 2011.

His poems have been translated into many languages. He is the literary editor of Kultura, the most prestigious cultural newspaper in Bulgaria, and a professor of journalism at the University of Sofia. His main field of research is the history of Bulgarian literary criticism.

In addition to his collection of poems, Marin Bodakov also published a compilation of comments from Bulgarian critics on Ivan Vazov and his interviews with leading Bulgarian translators. He won the Book Knight Award from the Bulgarian Book Association in 2014. He is a co-founder of Tochitza Publishers.

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