Cause of death, Neville Pillay dead or still alive?

Last week, former radio host and entertainer Neville Pillay posted a shocking video on social media, claiming that his ex-wife suffered mental and physical abuse. This video has received widespread attention on Facebook and has been shared and commented thousands of times by social media users. Neville Pillay and his ex-wife are creating a storm on social media because their family is in a dilemma over alleged abuse allegations. In a video released on October 1, Pillay revealed that before being kicked out, he had been physically abused by his ex-wife the night before. In the video, the former Lotus FM breakfast athlete also hinted that his daughter was involved in the abuse and explained the various physical violence he allegedly suffered.

On Friday, Carol Pillay slammed her ex-husband’s allegations in an interview with the Spice of India. She also revealed that after Neville’s video distorted opinions, she and her two daughters began to receive hate and threats. Carol Pillay revealed that although Neville is her ex-husband, she gave him a space in their home. She also promised to take the test and give him a chance to survive, but now she doesn’t know what to think. The ex-wife revealed that when Pillay refused to let him smoke marijuana at home, Pillay threatened her with violence. She also claimed that if she refused his request to smoke as he pleased, he threatened to stop paying the rent. Carol became emotional because she explained that Neville Pillay had abused her many times, but she supported him, but this was the last straw.

She further stated that she had been protecting Pillay for many years, but now she had no choice but to take severe measures to deprive him of his parental rights and stay away from his abuse. She also revealed how she repeatedly sought help for his drug problem and even booked him to a rehabilitation center, but there was no help. In the recording of a phone call with Indian spices, someone heard Neville Pillay threatening his ex-wife Carol and children. Pillay can be heard in the phone conversation saying that when he wants to, he will let Nigerians rape them on his orders. Pillay’s daughter is 18 years old, and she has expressed her views on the allegations against her mother and herself on social media. Commenting on a subsequent post by her father, she said: “So… my mother told you to leave because you wanted to take drugs… so this is abuse? Haha, okay.”

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