Cause of death, Oscar Cadena from “Cámara infraganti” dead today a Mexican journalist and teacher

On Wednesday it was announced that Óscar Cadena is a driver and journalist, in the nineties he shone on Mexican television with his program Cámara infraganti, and was in intensive care after entering the operating room for emergency surgery.

Relatives of the communicator are remembered for his famous “video soup” section, where he showed home videos of interesting moments, detailed Cardner’s health and said they were waiting for his recovery.

The news was spread on the Instagram account of its news platform Encadena, which provided information related to the Mexican Caribbean. The fact is that the correspondent has lived for several years in Quintana Roo, where he accepted the intervention.

“The Cardeña Castro family reported on the health of Oscar Cardena Jiménez. He is a loving husband and father. He underwent surgery and is currently hospitalized in the intensive care unit. Oscar is in stable condition. The recovery conditions are good. We thank you for your love, support and prayers expressed during these difficult times, “the statement read.

In addition, the driver’s daughter, María José Cadena, prayed for her father on Twitter, but she has not yet revealed the reason for the operation.

“Through all these Twitter communities, my father Óscar Cadena accepted the intervention and was in the intensive care unit. The latest report is stable. I pray for all his prayers, light, good resonance, energy and all that you believe and hope, so that his recovery would be successful. “

The lady thanked her fans for supporting her father and mentioned that as soon as there is more information about Oscar’s health, she will share it immediately.

“My father is a determined man, very loved by the whole community. I think that all your good energy will become a good motivation. I love you very much and we will keep you informed.”

Already 10 years ago, the correspondent denied the false rumors that he had passed away and clarified his health.

Oscar was one of the most popular television personalities of the 80s and 90s, and even before his famous “Dream of the Red Mansions”, he was the host of “Citizen of the Red Flag”. In his television space, he is known for his cheerful and friendly personality, in addition to suits and formal wear, he also wears iconic suspenders, which define his style.

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