Cause of death, Richard H Kirk Electronic music pioneer and Cabaret Voltaire is dead

Electronic music pioneer and Cabaret Voltaire co-founder Richard H Kirk has passed away. Truly shocked!

Cause of death, Richard H Kirk Electronic music pioneer and Cabaret Voltaire is dead

Cabaret Voltaire member Richard H. Kirk was born in Sheffield on March 21, 1956 and released his first album “Disposable Half-Truths” in 1980. Since then, he has developed a solo career parallel to the band until its dissolution. in 1994. Different styles and musical genres, from Techno and House oriented to dance to electronic and experimental environment.

In 1989, the Sheffield Cabaret Voltaire band disbanded. Richard H. Kirk and crime partner DJ Parrot have been warming up the crowd on the tour. Voltaire, have a chance to go back to the studio to create Testone and Clonks Coming, this is the first Warp Records album.

The newly formed team broke through the insane darkness of Voltaire’s reverb, kept the aggressive industrial background noise of “City of Steel” on tape, eliminated any punk rock anarchy, smashed the guitar and melted it down. A clean and minimalist sound effect. Warped discs from Detroit and Chicago. Imported from the United States for his shop, but he also loves the funk and bass from the local Shebeen / Reggae sound system. In Belgium, in 1991, techno went hardcore: in the words of Richard H. Kirk, “simple, primitive and radical.”

Sweet Exorcist’s approach is very good, very industrial, but very interesting. The affectionate excitement of synths and ringtones quickly gave him the nickname Bleep. If you believe Pete Tong at the time, he was suddenly pronounced dead and replaced by a new genre called Clonk. In fact, this is just one of the jokes between Warp and Sweet Exorcist, which caused the pressure of their debut album. Ten years after Dazed, he spoke to Richard H. Kirk about the legendary partner Sheffield and introduced him to the rhythm of DJ Mujava.

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