Cause of Death, Serbian coach Dušan Ivković is dead

Serbian coach Dusan Ivkovic died on Thursday morning in a Belgrade hospital at the age of 77, the country’s media reported.

Dusko Ivkovic spent his entire career at Radnički and then he started his successful coaching career. He then moved to Partizan Belgrade and then divided his time between Yugoslavia, Greece, Russia and Turkey. He was also the coach of the Yugoslavia and later Serbia national team.

His great achievements include two Olympic silver medals (1988 and 1996), one world championship title (1990) and three European championships (1989, 91 and 95). At the club level, as the coach of Olympiacos, Ivkovic has won two European League titles (1997 and 2012), the Saporta Cup (AEK 2000 in Athens), and the Colac Cup (Partizan Belgrade in 1979). ) And ULEB Cup (Dynamo Moscow 2006). He ended his career in 2016.

Petrovich, Pelasovic, Danilovic, Kukoc, Paspali, Zdorf, Djordjevic, Frankovic, Divac, Komazec, La Jia and Savage.

This team could have reunited at the Barcelona 92 ​​Olympics, the hypothetical game that people often imagine against the American Dream Team, but the long-standing tensions in the Republic of Yugoslavia erupted a few months ago and led to a war. In addition to other more tragic consequences, this leaves us without confrontation.

For different reasons, these twelve players never got together, but they all experienced the Pravi national team from 1988 to 1991. In three years, fans have been able to enjoy one of the most concentrated talents ever. The history of basketball in the same country.

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