Cause of death, Wichita musician Rudy Love dead after cancer battle

Wichita musician Rudy Love, known for performing worldwide with funk and R&B bands Rudy Love and The Love Family, died after battling pancreatic cancer. He is 73 years old. Love was born in Oklahoma and moved to Wichita as a child.

Love followed his father Bob into the music industry and performed in seven years. He was originally scheduled to perform at this year’s River Festival, which will add to his extensive list of performances in Wichita. Love also performed in Asia and Europe. Ai told the story of his family in the 2018 documentary “This Is Love”.

Producer John Alexander called it “funkumentary” and won the Best International Documentary Award at the Independent Film Festival in Rome, Italy. The movie includes songs from a wide catalog of love, including “Good Morning Little Girl Student”, “Does Your Mom Know?” and “Your Love Is So Good”, songs written by Ray Charles and Daddy Owen . I love to say that his favorite song is “I thank you, Lord”.

In 2018, the documentary “This is Love” directed by director John Alexander won multiple awards, including the Best International Documentary Award at the 2018 Rome Independent Film Festival. “His voice, his behavior, and his profound spirituality moved people in a profound way,” said Love’s ex-wife Angavi, who has been in close contact with her family.

“Rudy is a good lamp. He exudes love, so his name is very good. I often say that it is almost impossible not to love Rudy Love.” Despite being a victim of a shady music industry deal, this He was unable to enter the mainstream as a performer, but he never lost his love for his craft.

“Fatty and fame are not important to him,” Garvey said. “What’s important to him is that he expresses his soul. This is a ridiculed word, but in the final analysis it is this.”

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