Cepillín dies due to spinal cancer at 75 years of age – Cepillin Dead

Ricardo González Gutiérrez, known as Cepillín, was a clown, singer, and television host.

His clown career began when he began to paint his face so that the children would not be afraid of him when he attended them in his dental office.

According to the actor’s son, on Monday morning the comedian lost his life after a long convalescence due to spinal cancer that was detected in him.

Ricardo González Gutiérrez, better known as Cepillín, died on March 8 after spinal cancer was detected just hours before his death.

“I would like to give you a good prognosis, but they have just told me that my father has just passed away.” His son, Ricardo González Junior, announced for the Gustavo Adolfo program.

The “TV clown” was admitted to intensive care on Sunday afternoon for pain in his spine, however, during the operation he was detected lymphoma.

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