Cesar Emmanuel video leaked, video of Ceaser beating his dog

VH1 “Black Ink Crew” star Caesar Emmanuel has been fired after a video of alleged dog abuse surfaced… TMZ has learned.

A spokesperson for VH1 told TMZ, “We have made the decision to sever ties with Ceaser Emanuel of Black Ink Crew in New York. This decision will not affect next season as production nears the end.”

Sources familiar with the situation told us they are wrapping production but will remain open to fully manage the situation on the show. We’re told the producers also found the viral video shocking.

That’s sick! Someone sent a black ink pickup in their loop camera to abuse the dog! #vh1 #Shaky #ceaser #black ink

On Wednesday, a video purportedly showing Sether beating and roughing up a dog surfaced — a video that immediately made many fans sick.

Join Caesars star Donna Lombardi in posting the clip online, saying: “I didn’t even get into this person’s life, but this video has me very upset.”

The network called for it to be permanently cancelled…and added, “I pray to God that he sees you @ceaserblackink, you are a monster.”

The show is currently in production for its tenth season, and Ceaser has been part of the series since it premiered in 2013.

The show follows the day-to-day operations of his Black Ink tattoo parlor in Harlem… The man also has studios in Brooklyn, ATL, Orlando and Houston.