Chapter 55 of Boruto’s manga raises new suspicions about Amado

After finishing one of the crucial thrilling conflicts within the manga of Boruto, its chapter 55 confirmed that issues are beginning to settle down, however that doesn’t imply that ninjas ought to let their guard down, primarily due to some attitudes of cherished.


Giving a little bit extra context, throughout the last a part of the chapter, Amado appears a little bit distracted, as if pondering and mumbling about one thing.

As well as, when Shikamaru receives info that Naruto and the others have returned to Konoha, the primary query from cherished it is in regards to the state of Kawaki. Nevertheless, though he’s apparently relieved to be taught that the boy is ok, Sumire distrusts your response.

So, though it’s nonetheless too early to say something, we all know that Sumire is among the most clever and perceptive ninjas of this new era, that’s, she most likely observed one thing unusual within the habits of cherished.

This suspicion could have one thing to do with Isshiki which were transferred to Kawaki, since even with out Karma, about 80% of that information nonetheless stays in Kawaki’s physique, which based on Momoshiki it virtually makes him an Otsutsuki.

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