Charlene Wold Murder: Is Logan Reese Dead or Alive? Obituary 2021 – Cause of death

In February 2017, a 911 call involving a family dispute in a house in Hudson, Wisconsin, quickly evolved into a high-speed police pursuit. The “American Monster: He Is Everything to Her” discovered by the investigation focused on how the loving mother Charlene Wald was brutally killed, and how the accused murderer led the police to hunt down cars that span multiple counties.

MRandom News Charlene Wold Murder: Is Logan Reese Dead or Alive? Obituary 2021 - Cause of death

So if you are curious about what happened to Charlene and what happened after the murder, we will help you. Charlene Wold is a native of Wisconsin, born in June 1967. She grew up with seven other siblings and was described as energetic.

When she started her pet grooming business, her love for animals was obvious. Charlene has also worked as an emergency medical technician. In 1995, she married Darrell Wold and they have a daughter and a son. Darrell and Charlene also have a son, and each son comes from their previous relationship.

At around 11:30 pm on February 18, 2017, a family friend of W​​olds called 911 and asked about Darrell’s attack. When the authorities got there, they found Darrell, one of his sons and his family and friends in the garage. Inside the house, Charlene was found in one of the bedrooms with multiple cuts on her face. The 49-year-old woman was taken to an ambulance outside, but she was later pronounced dead.

The authorities learned that Charlene’s 28-year-old son Logan Reese was the suspect they were looking for. According to the show, Darrell was stabbed in the face by Logan. Then he stumbled into the garage, where he found his son Sterling and his family friend McKenna Anderson. Sterling then went in to find his mother, but met Logan. In the ensuing quarrel, Sterling was injured in the head.

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