Charles Leclerc differentiated Sebastian Vettel from Carlos Sainz

Charles Leclerc is still the main figure of the team Ferrari. In recent years the Monegasque overcame Sebastian vettel. The German pilot was diluted with the passing of the years and his performance was falling precipitously. Because of this, the champion was replaced by Carlos Sainz, giving a fresh air to the Italian structure.

Leclerc differentiated Sainz and Vettel. However, he did not want to talk about sports if not personal. German and Spanish have two completely different personalities. The relationship with the Monegasque driver is also very different, since according to his words, Vettel and Leclerc did not have the same treatment as with Sainz, who seems to be much closer.

“Well, what has changed is the time I spend with my teammate, because in the past Sebastian and I often crossed paths, I would arrive and he would leave. Or vice versa. While with Carlos we are often in the same place on the same days, and consequently, we are going to spend more time together, “said Leclerc, according to the Spanish medium Marca.

Sainz motivation

On the other hand, Leclerc stressed that Sainz arrived with great motivation to the Italian team of Formula 1, something that infected all its members. “In recent years, Sainz has driven in different teams, and it is always interesting to learn how the rivals work. In addition, his great motivation was quickly noticed. He is in his first year with Ferrari and you can see that he wants to do very well right away.

Vettel Learning

Finally, the Monegasque pilot highlighted his experience with Vettel, which gave him several lessons. «The first thing that stood out is his experience. In some situations he had a great analytical capacity and I learned a lot from that. I realized how important those details are. In addition, he is also a good person, who has always caught my attention for his simplicity, “he said.

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