Check out the 10 most bizarre and sensational illustrations of Dragon Ball Super created by fans

Dragon Ball Super has revolutionized the Akira Toriyama franchise since it started being published in 2015, and as expected, fans have created a lot of productions related to Goku, Vegeta and company.

Usually, we create posts with realistic illustrations or very well made cosplays, but today we decided to change a little bit what we bring to something completely new: the most bizarre illustrations we’ve seen out there based on the Akira Toriyama franchise.

Check it out below and be impressed by the creativity of these people:


Shenlong and Porunga as long as they don’t fulfill wishes

Senhor Popo

Goku, run!

Vish maria

Goku and Vegeta maids

Super Saiyan XXL

Goku realistic

The birth of Super Saiyan Venus

The “special” radius cannon

Dragon Ball Super is currently on hiatus. The anime ended in March 2018 with the end of the Tournament of Power.

It is worth mentioning, however, that the manga continues to be published monthly with unprecedented adventures.

In this new phase, Goku and Vegeta face a new challenge: Granolah, the survivor. This character suffered at the hands of the Saiyans at the behest of Freeza in the past, and now seeks revenge.

You can follow the Dragon Ball Super anime in its entirety on Crunchyroll, in its original language with Portuguese subtitles.

Access the site through this link and then get 14 days of free premium on a new account.

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