Check out the manga set in Ireland from 1849: ‘Katabami to Ougan’

the manga Katabami to Ougan serialized by Shueisha’s Extremely Bounce on March 19, 2019 and presently by Kodansha’s Comedian Days, is a piece by mangaka Eiichi Kitano. At the moment, its fifth quantity has been on hiatus since March 18, 2021, however will quickly be republished.

His synopsis attracts consideration for following fictional characters by way of historic occasions and assembly figures who truly existed in Eire in 1849, in the course of the Nice Famine. Be taught extra from the synopsis under:

“The story shows a 14-year-old girl, Amelia, who lost everyone in her family to the crisis, except family servant Connor. She learns of the California Gold Rush and is on a journey with Connor to get rich by acquiring the gold. Amelia is cheerful and optimistic, while Connor is a quiet person who will follow Amelia wherever she goes. Struck by extreme poverty and famine, they receive a ray of hope when they learn about the newfound gold. As they no longer have a penny to travel, the teenager and her servant resort to stealing dead bodies that starved to death. The duo then somehow manages to get enough to travel abroad and pursue their goals.” (through epic dope)

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