Chetan Sharma sting video leaked on twitter and reddit, whats happened

BCCI chief selector Chetan Sharma has been embroiled in controversy after stabbing surgery revealed many Indian cricketers were given injections at only 80 per cent fitness to pass fitness tests. The news sparked debate over doping in Indian cricket and forced the BCCI to crack down on the practice.

MRandom News Chetan Sharma sting video leaked on twitter and reddit, whats happened

During the stabbing surgery, Sharma claimed that many Indian cricketers had their own doctors on call. These doctors are supposed to give them injections that help them pass physical fitness tests even if they are not completely healthy. Sharma added that the injections the players received would not show up in anti-doping tests and that they had their own options to avoid detection.

“If they’re only 85 per cent healthy…they tell us to play them and the meds don’t make them heal, that’s where the problem comes in…the players want to play and the players never say no. But like Bumrah, he bends over Can’t do it, so what should he do. One or two serious injuries like this happened. Sharma told Zee News: “Otherwise even 80%, these people…they are scoundrels, they will quietly go to the corner Get an injection and say they’re fine. “

“There’s no painkiller…they’ll give shots but no one knows. The player has to take a prescription for painkillers…he’s caught with anti-doping…you know right away which injections are not It’s anti-doping. They’re superstars. You’ll call. There’s a thousand doctors, and they’ll come in at night and give you a shot,” he added.

Sharma also revealed that there was an ego conflict between former India captain Virat Kohli and former BCCI president Sourav Ganguly, which eventually led to Kohli’s ouster as captain. Sharma said Kohli’s ego was too big and he publicly attacked Ganguly. He claimed that Kohli wanted to pursue Ganguly and that Kohli revealed that the pre-IND vs. SA series press conference he was told 1.30 hours before announcing he would be leaving the captaincy was unnecessary.

The revelations have caused a stir in Indian cricket circles, with many calling for action against those addicted to passing fitness tests through injections. The BCCI, including board chairman Roger Binny and secretary Jay Shah, are said to be very unhappy and saddened by the sting operation, and an official action against Sharma is believed to be on the wall.