Christiane Stenger is dead or alive?

From 1999 to 2003, Christiane Stenger (Christiane Stenger) won the world youth memory sports championship many times. She learned mnemonics from Gunther Karsten when she was young. In the adult group, she cannot repeat her youthful success, and recently she was ranked 65th in the world. Since 2004, she has not been active as a memory athlete.

Since then, she has been a speaker and published her first book on mnemonics, “Why Sheep Fall from the Tree,” which has been translated into English, Chinese and Japanese. In 2005 she founded “Keep in Mind. Memory Training”, since then she has been spreading her knowledge to all interested parties, students and companies in seminars.

She was hired by video game maker Nintendo as an advertiser for the marketing of Dr. Nintendo DS Games in 2007.

Kawashima Sports Brain and Big Brain Academy. That same year, she worked in 30 workshops in Germany to run a Dextro Energy promotional tour for potential high school graduates. In addition, she also published her second book “Gummy Bears in Spinach”.

In August 2010, Christiane Stenger received the “Future Victim Award” from the Victress Initiative eV. She is the youngest winner of the award.

After completing her training at the Hamburg Arena School in 2013, she hosted Wie werd’ich …? Since January 3, 2013, she has been on ZDFneo with Lutz van der Horst. In 2014, Campus Verlag published the third book Don’t leave your brain unattended! Head wear instructions.

Since 2016, she has been a co-host of the German project Super Brain ZDF. In 2016, Rowohlt Verlag published her fourth book “Who wants to learn, must feel”. How our sense organs help memory. Since 2019, she has hosted the Audible philosophy podcast “Never Say Nietzsche” with Samira El Ouassil.

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