Christine Belford Delaware Dead and Obituary 2021 – web of lies

Lies is investigating the murder of Christine Belford. Her ex-husband David Matusiewicz and his mother Lenore Matusiewicz, his sister Amy Gonzalez and his father launched an online hate campaign before her death. The trigger was Thomas Matusiewicz. .

On February 11, 2013, Christine attended a child support hearing in the Newcastle County Court in Wilmington, Delaware, when she was shot and killed in the lobby by her former father-in-law Thomas Matusiewicz.

MRandom News Christine Belford Delaware Dead and Obituary 2021 - web of lies

The heavily armed Thomas M. also shot Christine’s friend Laura “Beth” Mulford while trying to escape the scene. The brief shouting caused two police officers to be injured, but in the end, Thomas M. committed suicide on the sidewalk outside the courthouse.

This is the result of years of abuse, harassment and online stalking against Christine by Christine’s ex-husband, David and other family members.

Christine is constantly affected by email communications, letters, and Internet posts that accuse her of abusing, neglecting, and even sexually assaulting her daughter. This twisted and vicious hatred movement aims to win David M.’s custody of the children.

David and Lenore Matusiewicz kidnapped Christine Belford’s child
After David M. and Lenore M. kidnapped the three children and brought them to Central America in 2007, the Matusiewicz family has already broken the law in this case. They both pleaded guilty to federal kidnapping charges in 2009 and were arrested in the Delaware prison for the incident.

The police believe that it was during his imprisonment that David M. recruited his mother, father, sister and others to harass and slander his ex-wife. However, at some point, the family seemed to have begun to pave the way for Belford’s murder.

The Matusiewicz family first insisted that they did not know that Thomas M. was planning his violence. However, the police concluded that the group knew exactly what would happen when they went to the Wilmington courthouse. David M. drove to Delaware. The trunk of his car was full of guns and ammunition.

In February 2016, David M., Lenore M., and Amy Gonzalez were convicted of conspiracy, interstate stalking leading to death, and cyber stalking leading to death. This is the first case in the United States where a defendant has been convicted of such a crime. They were sentenced to spend the rest of their lives in prison.

Christine’s eldest daughter testified in the trial against the murderer of her mother and insisted that she had never been abused by her mother in any way.

Camila Zeidan created a fake Facebook character designed to torture her former friend Renae Marsden. In a particularly cruel catfish case, Marsden committed suicide when she thought her online boyfriend had ended their relationship.

Douglas Le, a high school teacher, abused his power by pretending to be an online porn star while sending messages to the school boys. He encouraged them to send him nude photos of themselves.

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