Christopher Sutton murder and obituary, ‘He Always Wanted More’ is dead

It’s a blue sky for John and Susan Sutton living in Coral Gables, Florida, an upscale neighborhood near Miami. He is a successful lawyer and she runs his office. They have two adopted children. On August 22, 2004, there was a lot to celebrate. Susan just turned 57, and John’s firm has won three lucrative cases. The couple’s 25-year-old son Christopher and his fiancée Juliette Driscoll arrived at the party before heading to the cinema.

But after a few hours, the celebration turned to horror. John, who slept in a separate room with his wife because of snoring, called 911 to report he had been shot in the head. “I remember a lot of pain,” he told “Murdered By Morning,” which airs Saturday 8/7c on Oxygen.

When rescuers arrived, John managed to tell police he couldn’t identify the gunman until he was taken to hospital. Susan was still in her bedroom where the Coral Gables SWAT team found Susan shot six times. Investigators ruled out a break-in after observing jewelry and other valuables in sight. The entry point appears to be a sliding glass door.

“It looks like the gunman came here to shoot Susan and her husband. She was executed,” the doctor said. Miami-Dade County Coroner Emma Lou. The shell casings found at the scene were all from a 0.9mm gun. John’s partner at the law firm, Teddy Montoto, who was at the party, was back in the house when police arrived. He said he was on the phone with Susan and heard gunshots.

Investigators asked why he was talking to her on the phone. Montoto agreed to testify at the station, explaining that he and Susan worked closely at the company — but he also told them he had a .9mm pistol. “It’s definitely flying some flags,” said Roseanne Cordero-Stuts, a former homicide detective in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

When Chris Sutton arrived at his parents’ house, he told police he and his girlfriend had been to the cinema the night before and showed tickets as evidence. Theater surveillance cameras confirmed their whereabouts. Driscoll told police that in the days before the shooting, a woman slammed John’s company because the deal didn’t end in her favor. Miami Herald writer David Ovalle told the producers that she “had threatened to go to her law firm and actually film the place”.

The woman owned a boat and it is suspected the gunman escaped from the waterway on the night of the shooting. This person has been thoroughly investigated and removed. Your alibi has been checked. Surveillance cameras showed their boat never left the dock where it was docked. In the hospital, John woke from a drug-induced coma, but he was blind. He was denied murdering his wife while recovering and was hospitalized until mid-September.

Police questioned Montoto again, who agreed to a polygraph test. His answers to questions about his relationship with Susan proved misleading. He finally admitted that he had an affair with Susan. He insists it’s the only thing he’s lying about.

It was determined that Montoto’s gun did not match the shell casings found at the crime scene. He was still on the phone with Susan at the time of the shooting. The police are back in first place. After watching Chris closely, they realize that he has a troubled past and has been breaking the law. As a teenager, he destroyed his teacher’s house.