Chuck Kumalaa dead by Suicide, Landstar BCO lost a mental battle obituary

Chuck Kumalaa of Marion, Ohio committed suicide by losing a mental battle with himself. His father William Kumalaa of Cleveland, Ohio had passed away suddenly, according to reports. Chuck Kumalaa was a Freight relocateer at Landstar who left behind 6 grandchildren and 4 children. Before he passed away, Landstar BCO Kumalaa included a short suicide note on his Facebook timeline. He stated that it was time to end his miserable life.

MRandom News Chuck Kumalaa dead by Suicide, Landstar BCO lost a mental battle obituary

I apologize for the hurt this may cause my children. I believe most people accept this as normal for me. To my children, I love you. I’m sorry I leave a mess when leaving. Please keep the grandkids reminded of me so they don’t forget me soon.

I want to thank my friends for providing me with happy memories. Because of them, I have a lot more good ones that I’m grateful for. Whether it’s physically or mentally, my pain is too much to handle. I mess up everything I touch now, and it’s actually making me feel worse.

Who was Chuck Kumalaa?

Chuck Kumalaa grew up in Waianae, Hawaii and later moved to Marion, Ohio as a young adult. He graduated from Waianae High School and then enrolled in Hard Knocks University – HKU. Chuck was a Landstar employee who specialized in moving freight. He was in a relationship with Athena Stillwagon, as indicated by her Facebook profile. Chuck was tenacious, driven and extremely effective. He quickly mastered whatever he set his mind to. Chuck was also very funny and gave others a gift of joy with his passion.

Chuck Kumalaa gained a GoFundMe campaign to support his expenses.

An Ohio man created a GoFundMe page to help pay for the funeral expenses of Chuck Kumalaa, his deceased father. Cash contributions came in via Chuck’s son William Kumalaa’s GoFundMe page, titled “Chuck Kumalaa.” The goal was $10,000, but donations had already exceeded this figure by $3,222. On the fundraising page, a statement thanked people for their donations, stating that donations would cover expenses related to memorial services, cremation and funeral costs.