Who is clara00ellis (Clara Ellis) Photos and videos leaked onlyf

Clara00ellis is known for being sexy. So much so that the funk singer’s fan club published a photo of her wearing a set of black underwear, in which she values ​​her good figure and shows what Dynho Alves has lost.

As a single, she dares more and more to click and make videos, and thrive on the adult content platform, where she posts senior content every week.

William Bonner’s wife, Natasha Dantas, spoke about …

Single, clara00ellis revealed that she began removing her tattoos in memory of Dynho Alves. Mirella revealed that she began removing three tattoos in memory of her ex-husband Dinijo Alves. In a conversation with Virgínia Fonseca and Camila Loures podcasts, this funkeira said that she is removing her tattoos, which is a painful process.

I have all three of her tattoos. One is in her groin, this one is in her hand, with her initials “Dy”, with her face on my arm. I want to take it off, I have done the first lesson, it hurts too much.

She has left the house where she lived with the dancers and said that she is still absorbing what is happening. After Dynho, confined to A Fazenda 13, approached Stthefane Matos and exchanged caresses with influencers, she decided to file for divorce.

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