Clarke Raines dead and obituary mobile Alabama – Did Jurors Ever Reach a Verdict in the Clarke Raines Case?

In January 2017, 68-year-old Kay Raines was reported missing in Mobile, Alabama after entering the Beau Rivage Casino. Nearly two months later, her body was found in a shallow grave, turning a case of missing persons into a murder case. However, the detective investigating the murder found something very strange: Her own son Clark Rains did not show remorse at the time and did not try to find her.

MRandom News Clarke Raines dead and obituary mobile Alabama - Did Jurors Ever Reach a Verdict in the Clarke Raines Case?

Shortly after his mother was reported missing, Rains became the number one suspect and was charged with murder immediately after she was found. After being arrested, it was rumored that he was awaiting trial, but did he appear in court? If so, what is the verdict? This is what we know.

When she disappeared for a few days, the authorities decided to investigate her as a homicide and search her house. When they got there, they saw Kairens’ room was in a mess.

Her cell phone and wallet were still there, including a full suitcase. At the same time, Clark Rains’ room looked completely normal, as if nothing had happened.

Clark Rains was questioned after searching the house. But when detectives asked about his mother’s whereabouts, they noticed that he was surprisingly calm and mostly uncooperative. He did claim that his mother had contact with many “sketchy people” at the casino, but the team had seen enough and regarded him as a suspect.

The detectives had to let Clark Rains leave, but they continued to investigate. After receiving Borivage’s surveillance, they saw that his mother actually planned to return to the casino because she did not carry personal belongings with her. But the night before she disappeared, someone saw her son walk into the casino to get her things.

Most importantly, the police also searched Clark Rains and his mother’s mobile phones and found that he used his mother’s credit card after her death. For a long time, the police department still couldn’t find the victim’s body, so they decided to install a tracking device on Clark Rains’ car. Just a few days later, in March, the tracker took them directly to their mother, who was buried in Baldwin County.

Clark Rains denied murdering his mother after his arrest.

On the same day, when Clark Raines was questioned again, Detective Kenneth Gillespie tried to get him to confess that he had killed his mother. But even so, he denied it. In a recording played in The First 48, he said: “I don’t know what to say. I didn’t kill my mother. I don’t know what else to do. I don’t know anything about it.”

Nevertheless, in March 2017, Clark Rains was arrested for the murder of his mother, who died of asphyxiation. In addition, he was also charged with multiple charges of fraudulent use of credit cards.

When he appeared in court, it was revealed that he struggled with drug addiction and had a bad relationship with his mother. In The First 48, Detective Gillespie also mentioned that her motive may be that she wasted his inheritance through gambling.

Most likely due to his disturbing lack of remorse and a history of drug use, Clark Rains was ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation in June. The judge ruled that he was eligible to stand trial for murder.

What happened to Clark Rains? Is he in jail now?

According to reports, the case was originally scheduled to hear the pending motion in July 2019, but there have been no reports or updates on the case recently. Due to the delay, Clark Rains may still be awaiting trial. Technically, the suspect was presumed innocent before being proven guilty. However, when his case enters the trial stage, he is likely to stay in prison for several years.

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