Cleveland police officer dead, shot to death during carjacking on Rocky River Drive

According to five law enforcement sources, an off-duty Cleveland police officer was shot and killed in a carjacking on Friday night.

The shooting occurred at around 7 o’clock in the evening. According to sources, it is located on Rocky River Drive near Fairway Avenue near Kamm in the city.

According to sources, the off-duty police officer fought back against the robber and was shot. An ambulance took the officer to Fairview Hospital, where he died.

The source did not disclose the identity of the official. He was hired in 2019 to work in the fifth district of the city in the northeast corner of the city. According to three sources, one person was arrested after a high-speed chase with police officers from several suburban police departments.

According to sources, the chase ended on East 260th Street and Lakeside Boulevard in Euclid.

Jeff Folmer, chairman of the Cleveland Police Patrol Association, later confirmed the shooting and the circumstances.

Officials did not release any information about the shooting. and The Plain Dealer contacted Cleveland Police spokesperson Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia commented.

At about 4:25 pm, a 27-year-old man was robbed with a gun. According to city records, December 25th occurred in the same area as Friday’s carjacking and shooting.

This is since Det. James Skernivitz on September 3, 2020, who was shot and killed in an undercover drug investigation. Police informant Scott Dingess was also killed in the shooting.

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