Clu Gulager dead and obituary, Expert supporting actor cause of death

RIP Clu Gulager Expert supporting actor in so many movies and TV shows. 1st thought when thinking of him is recalling that late Dad loved him in McQ (1974). It was silly fun for him & he loved for some inexplicable reason when Clu called John Wayne by his first name LON.

Though I ranked much lower than him on the showbiz ladder, Clu was quick to welcome me into social situations many years before I got to work with him. He had a quick wit and a devious sense of humor.-

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Whoa, hey, Clu Gulager died. I somehow thought he already had. Glad to know he actually made it this far. He was so charming in San Francisco International, a perfectly bland TV movie made great by MST3K. He was one of those rare actors that was fun even in that kind of dreck.

Actor William Martin “Crew” Gulag was born on November 16, 1928, in Holdenville, Oklahoma. A charter member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, Gulag attributes his ancestral arrival to Indian territory to the tribe’s migration in the mid-19th century. His father, grandfather and grandmother participated in the Dawes or final assigned Cherokee Citizenship Roll, completed in 1906. Gulag inherited his dramatic talent. His father, John Delancy Gulager, was a skilled actor before settling in Muskogee to establish a successful law firm and eventually become a judge. His father’s older brother, William Martin “Clu Clu” Gulager, was a Senator from Oklahoma from 1922 to 1930. In addition to his father’s acting career, young Clu has additional family inspiration for his theatrical dreams and ambitions. His grandmother, Martha Schrinsher Gulag, was the sister of Mary American Schrinsher Rogers, mother of Oklahoma’s favorite son, Will Rogers.

John Gulag recognized his son’s talent and theatrical ambitions and taught him everything he had learned from his own theatrical project. After a stint in the U.S. Marine Corps, Crew Gulag attended Northeastern State University in Talquah. The up-and-coming actor was advised to transfer to Baylor University in Waco, Texas, for further education. He got a scholarship to study abroad in a short period of time, and finally came to Paris, where he worked with the internationally renowned French actor and director Jean-Louis Barrow and accumulated valuable experience. A year later, Gulag returned to Baylor, and in 1952 his professional and personal life had changed dramatically. He fell in love with and married the beautiful young singer Miriam Nethery. He had an exciting acting opportunity in New York, but in that moment of much-anticipated success, his father died suddenly.