Cobra Kai 4 Trailer: Terry Silver Returns!

Netflix revealed in a screenshot of the trailer for the fourth season of Cobra Kai the return of Terry Silver, do you remember?

Patience. You are simply putting everything in motion. Terry Silver returns to the dojo for Cobra Kai IV ”.

This character, whose appearance has been speculated from the third season, will join the original protagonists William Zabka (as Johnny Lawrence) and Ralph Macchio (as Daniel LaRusso). Thomas Ian Griffith will be the face of Terry Silver, a villain that will add more emotion to the series.

The fragment showed Griffth in the shadows and from behind, while Silver’s famous dialogue appeared:

If a man cannot stand, he cannot fight. If a man can’t breathe, he can’t fight. If a man cannot see, he cannot fight ”.

Who is Terry Silver?

Terry Silver is the main antagonist of Karate kid iii. With his iconic Silver ponytail, he appears as a close friend of the fearsome sensei John Kreese (Martin Kove), who also needs financial support to recover after losing all the students at his academy.

Silver becomes a villain interested in avenging his friend’s losing streak, for which he blames Miyagi and his student Daniel LaRusso. Before accomplishing his plan, he gains Larusso’s trust as a teacher.

When I’m done with that boy, he’s going to implore me to be his teacher … And do you know what he will learn from me? Pain in every part of your body, you will feel fear in every corner of your mind. I will teach him a lesson and he will appreciate it. “

Terry Silver in Karate Kid III.

Terry Silver played by Thomas Ian Griffith, in Karate Kid III

According to the trailer of Cobra Kai Terry Silver will bring pain

Now the real pain begins ”.

With that quote it is announced that the problems are just beginning in the fourth season of Cobra Kai. Filming has already been completed, but a release date has not yet been revealed. At the moment, it is estimated that it will be from August to the end of this year.

When is the fourth season of Cobra Kai coming to Netflix?