Coldplay will give a FREE concert on Tik Tok, here all the details!

With the arrival of the Pandemic of the COVID-19, hundreds of artists had to reinvent themselvesIn this way, live streams were the most viable alternative to make live presentations.

Coldplay will give a FREE concert on Tik Tok, here all the details!

These measures were used hundreds of bands, groups and artists, some invested in professional equipment to enhance the experience and others helped each other through different social media platforms to publicize their music.

For years, Coldplay has always wanted to be at the forefront on how to approach their fans through different platforms, that is why they will now give an exclusive concert at Tik Tok, the Chinese social network with the highest growth in the last year.

The concert of Coldplay on Tik Tok will be completely freeFurthermore, it will be for a good cause since it will be for the “Red Nose Day”, Which raises funds for various charitable purposes.

When will Coldplay’s concert at Tik Tok be for Red Nose Day?

The concert of Coldplay via Tik Tok It already has a destined date and it will be on May 24, at 2:00 p.m., North Carolina time and 12:00 p.m., Central Mexico time.

Furthermore, it is estimated that Coldplay will play four songs, The names have not yet been revealed, but they could be hits from their entire discography, although they could also perform “Higher Power”, their most recent single.

How to watch the Coldplay show for FREE on Tik Tok?

You can see the concert completely FREE through Coldplay’s official Tik Tok account, which will surely have some reminders so that you do not forget to write it down in your diary.

Finally, Chris Martin released a video where he invites all fans to be part of this exclusive presentation, which will be a success due to the millions of fans that Coldplay has in the world.


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