Obituary 2021 Colin Stafford Johnson is dead – cause of death

He returned to his childhood garden in the new BBC Two series Wild gardener Colin Stafford-Johnson (Colin Stafford-Johnson) returns to his hometown in the two new BBC series, he personally seeks to transform his childhood old garden into a paradise for local wildlife.

This is all you need to know about wild gardener Colin Stafford Jones. Read more: Philip Schofield praises emergency services after helping save the lives of gardeners Wild Gardener host Colin Stafford-Jones is a wildlife photographer.

For 30 years, he has photographed the creatures of the world and enjoyed wonderful encounters with wild animals-including humpback whales (see video below). Colin is also a filmmaker and TV presenter, most notably for his work in various BBC nature documentaries.

He has produced at least 50 episodes of the “Wild Animal Life” series for RTÉ. He specializes in photographing big cats and has served as a photographer in the landmark BBC series “Earth”.

Colin won the award for his very personal documentary “The Last Journey of Docktail”. This touching documentary traces the sad trajectory of a young tiger leaving the Ranthambore Reserve to gain insight into the pressures faced by the decline in the number of tigers in India.

He filmed and showed several episodes of the BBC’s long-running natural world series. In 2020, he proposed a two-part wildlife plan called Wild Cuba: Journey to the Caribbean.

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