Come back with everything! Tony Ferguson analyzes his next fight and promises to finish

Tony ferguson, experienced and recognized fighter of UFC, get back to the cage in no time. Although he assures that he does not feel pressure due to the situation he is going through, it is known that Dana White could be watching him very closely to see if he cuts him off from the company or not. His next battle will be before Beneil Dariush, where you need to win yes or yes. At 37 years old and three fights lost in a row, it’s tough.

Therefore, starting with his sayings, Tony He said, ‘He’s been playing the game for a long time. He’s in Huntington Beach with Rafael Cordeiro. He’s left-handed, he’s very strong on his left side. He is very interested in mixing it. So that’s why I’ve been mixing up my shit. Because I became too one-dimensional. When you become too one-dimensional, you start to stagnate.

“And as a master coach, you need to be able to realize that and then understand it, make some changes and then be able to get your athlete back to the same program, which was not peaking, but was steadily increasing. Paying attention to the smallest details will always make the best things. And Beneil and his team, they got a lot of people who helped them ”, he highlighted.

What’s more, Tony He also acknowledged the following about it: “They became like an Ultimate Fighter team. Feels like I’m back in The Ultimate Fighter, guys. It really does. I’m hungry and I’m back I’m really back at it. And I’m mixing it really, really well, better than a damn blender. I am confident and I think better than before for this fight.

Know it’s complicated

You can’t be mad at the game. But the way you play is exactly your focus. And that’s what I did this year. I completely changed my focus. Instead of a college mindset, I went back to an Olympic mindset and began to surround myself with hungry people like me and how they have been for a long time. And I started to find myself in Wild Card much easier, because that’s where I knew I could find that kind of routine, “he concluded. Tony ferguson.

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