Connor Mcdavid video leaked twitter, Connor McDavid accused of cheating after video

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We hate to tell you about it, but it’s really starting to get a lot of attention on social media, and even a prominent ESPN hockey reporter posted it this morning.

It’s up to you to judge the authenticity of all this, but you should know that there’s a video circulating a lot on social networks at the moment, in which we see striker Conor McDavid.

The video clip surfaced online late Sunday night and sparked a discussion among hockey fans. View Results:

The problem is that (according to many) the woman standing next to McDavid is not his longtime girlfriend Lauren Kyle.

Again, we’re not going to comment further, just to let you know that’s a lot going on right now.

Is this an old video is it really McDavid? You are the judge, but there was a lot of debate on this issue this morning. Some say Zack Kassian and Darnell Nurse (Oilers) were there.