Who is Connor Payton? Where is Sean Payton’s Son Connor Payton Now?

“Home Team” brings viewers’ attention to the life of football coach Sean Payton. Instead of focusing on his accomplishments as the coach of the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League (NFL) team, the sports comedy tells the story of Sean’s reconnection with his son Conor. Directed by Charles and Daniel Kinnaun, Sean returns to his home in Argyle, Texas, and joins the coaching staff of his son’s middle school football team.

In the process, he developed a bond with Connor. The film’s strong father-son-themed narrative is sure to make audiences wonder about the real-life Conor Payton and his current whereabouts. If you’re curious, here’s everything we know!

Who is Conor Payton?

Conor Payton is the son of famed NFL coach Sean Payton. A fictional version of Connor appears in the 2022 film Home Team. In the film, actor Tate Bloom plays the role of Connor.

Connor was born in Texas to Sean and Beth. The video shows Connor playing football for the Liberty Christian Warriors while attending Liberty Christian School. Connor was initially cold to his father, but the two began to bond after Sean joined the Warriors.

In fact, Connor was 12 when Sean joined the coaching staff of his son’s middle school football team. Although Connor is the son of one of the most famous football coaches in the history of the sport, he has kept his personal life private. Little is known about Conor’s childhood other than his ties to the Warriors. Connor has a younger sister named Megan who doesn’t appear in the movie.

Where is Connor Payton now?

As mentioned, little is known about Connor’s personal life, and his academic qualifications have not been made public. However, Connor’s Twitter account indicated that he was a student at Texas Christian University.

On the face of it, Connor did not pursue a career as a professional football player. He will turn 22 in March 2022. His parents are divorced, but Connor remains close to his father.

In addition to his interest in football, Connor is an avid basketball fan. Sean and Connor have made numerous appearances in various football and basketball games. The father-son duo are fans of the New Orleans Pelicans. Connor serves as a consultant in the film about his relationship with his father. Judging by Connor’s social media accounts, it’s safe to say he’s a resident of Fort Worth, Texas. Connor has not publicly disclosed whether he is dating anyone or is single. Recently, Connor shared a heartfelt message for New Orleans Saints fans after his father stepped down as the team’s head coach.

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