Conor Flynn jailed, Dad-of-three who filmed woman during sex and shared video on Snapchat

A father of three who filmed a woman having sex with her without her consent and shared the video on Snapchat has been jailed for six months.

The woman told the court she was “hurt and traumatised” after Conor Flynn, 47, sent the video to his “primary contact” on the messaging app. Flynn met her when they were both recovering from drug addiction, and she was having sex with him at his home when Flynn brought her in without her knowledge.

Judge Teresa Kelly sentenced him to six months in prison, saying Flynn betrayed her trust when she was vulnerable. Flynn, a construction worker on Tyrconnell Road, Inchicore, Dublin, admitted to taking and distributing an intimate photo without consent.

Garda Ailís McBride told Dublin Magistrates Court that Flynn recorded the victim’s sexual behaviour towards him, which he then shared on social media without her consent. This happened at his home on May 16, 2021. During the investigation, Flynn made an appointment to make a statement at Kilmenam Garda train station.

The court heard the defendant sent the video to three or four of his best Snapchat contacts on his friends list, but they were not identified. The woman, in her early 30s, became emotional as she read a victim statement in court. Now, seeing Flynn, she says, “my body is responding on a raw, instinctive level; I’m freezing inside, I’m shaking.”

“Your actions make my mind insecure,” she told the defendant in a statement, “because when I think of you, my emotions get overwhelmed and my body stops functioning.” 7 a.m. Headlines left and right a day ahead: 30am and Fionnán Sheahan every afternoon with an exclusive look at the day’s news with our free daily newsletter.

“Your actions really hurt me, I don’t feel safe in front of all the men right now, I don’t go out late at night,” she said. “You’re my point of reference about how men treat women.” Others have seen videos she hasn’t seen or approved of that makes her feel “powerless,” she says of you.

“You made me feel like I had nothing, you made me feel insecure and dangerous,” she said. When confronted, he said he had sent the video to his relatives, a statement she went on to say made her feel “perverted”.

She had to believe he would only send it to someone he told her, which made her “unwell”. “I felt dirty, I felt unclean, I felt hurt,” she said, before she showered and scrubbed “in boiling water.”

She hasn’t had an intimate relationship with a man since that day, and “you make sex unsafe yourself,” she said. Flynn “made her feel less safe during her recovery,” but she didn’t relapse and was still drug-free.

She said his behaviour was “disgusting” and “despicable”. The defendants have previous convictions for robbery, racketeering and racketeering, as well as for jailbreak.

Flynn’s attorney, Mervyn Harnett, said Flynn “sincerely apologizes” to the victim. He was open and honest with Gardai from the start. The video was broadcast through “the fickle media”, although he admitted it was still a criminal offense to share such an intimate image. Disagreement was communicated only after the fact.