Controversy! Aloy’s appearance in the “Horizon Zero Dawn” sequel generates controversy

UNITED STATES.- At last the gameplay of Horizon Forbidden West, the sequel to Horizon zero dawn 2017. Despite the fact that the title has been acclaimed by critics and the gamer community, the controversy has not been long in coming. The controversy arose when seeing the appearance from Aloy by having minimal changes, which has generated a stir in social networks.

In this sense, the character can be seen more robust and with more details on the face. This has generated comments in forums and networks when criticizing these changes. It all started with discussions that specifically focused on the changes between Horizon zero dawn and Horizon Forbidden West and Aloy to learn more about what we could expect from the video game.

But everything has gotten out of control by being “mocked” by stigmatizing their physical appearance. One of the things that should be highlighted in this area is that the world of video games has had the premise of sexualizing the characters. They show off standards of beauty that have been perpetuated and when making this type of modifications it seems that they are out of the “logic” that is used every day in the field.

The debate continues around Aloy and topics such as the oversexualization of female characters have been touched upon. Many people have referred to the importance of this, since they generate stereotypes far from reality and, even, there are those who assure that it is a mistake that gamers see the characters as carriers of sexual fantasies, something extremely common in the field.

Undeniably, those who are in favor of these types of changes also point out that the changes of Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West offer the possibility of seeing characters much more in line with reality. For now, the game is still under development by the company Warfare and there is no release date yet. We will see if the character undergoes modifications again and continues as it has been presented to this day.