Controversy! June Community Day in Pokémon GO is criticized by gamers

USA.- Pokemon go is one of the most popular video games today. Its millions of users and monthly users make its success on mobile devices unquestionable. And recently the Community day for the month of June. And the arrival of the star pokemon Gible It seems that gamers have not liked it at all.

Everything has been gestated through Twitter where a series of messages haunt the social network. In them you can read the annoyance of Internet users who ensure that the rarity and Gible was one of the best parts. But now the effort they will make to achieve this will be underestimated. The Community Day of Pokemon go It will be held on June 6 and the web is burning in two clearly marked camps.

“I do not agree with this. I want it to be weird ”,“ All its value is lost ”or“ I feel your pain, I got (a shiny Gible) a few months ago ”, are just some of the messages that have gone viral. But in turn, there are several gamers who do not see it this way. “But what happens to them? They complain about the (Community Days past) with a Pokémon we already have, but they also complain when it is a rare Pokémon because it loses its value. ”

Of course this continues to generate intense debate among coaches. Without a doubt, she is waiting for Community Day in Pokemon go It is one of the most anticipated events. So the disappointment on the part of his fans is palpable, although those who are in favor of this have made themselves felt, it only remains to wait what Niantic decides and how he reacts in the month of July.

Pokémon GO is an augmented reality video game that uses GPS location. Niantic Labs is the developer of it and it is available for devices with Android and iOS operating systems. The game is free, but it has the possibility of microtransactions. Its estimated weight is 441 MB and it was released on July 6, 2016, getting millions of downloads in a very short time.