Controversy! New Space Jam 2 trailer references an iconic movie

USA.- “Space jam 2: A New Legacy ”has launched a new trailer to promote its early arrival in theaters and at HBO Max on July 16, 2021. The film starring Lebron James brings with it a large number of characters from other movies and animated series, which has caused a stir on social networks, because after the elimination of “Pepe Le Pew” the advance has shown the band of “A Clockwork Orange”.

In this sense, the film created by Stanley Kubrick has generated an astonishing controversy, because although it was released more than 50 years ago, some of the Internet users have shown their discontent for appearing in Space jam 2. This is based on an alleged “injustice” for having deleted “Pepe Le Pew” from the Looney Tunes, a character who was accused of promoting the culture of rape.

Therefore, during this new trailer you can see several characters such as The Night King, the villain of “The Games Of Thrones”, “King Kong”, “The Mask”, “El Pinguino”, and some members of “Mad Max Road Fury ”. Likewise, you can also glimpse “Pennywise”, “The Flintstones”, members of “Scooby Doo”, “The Yogi Bear”, “The Jetsons” and even the “Captain Caveman”.

But social networks have shown their discontent in many ways, as they assure that “vetoing” Pepe Le Pew is incongruous if the band from “A Clockwork Orange” is later shown. For this reason, they emphasize that characters from a movie full of violence and sexual crimes are presented, so the internet was not long in being inflamed by this situation.

On the other hand, let us remember that “Space Jam 2: A New Legacy”Was also placed in the eye of the internet after images of Lola Bunny were shown and many people criticized, implausibly, how little sexualized she looked. So the debate and criticism once again revolved around the Warner Bros. movie that will hit theaters and HBO Max on July 16, 2021.

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