Controversy! The trial between Epic Games and Apple begins in a chaotic way

UNITED STATES.- The beginning of the trial between Epic games Y Manzana it has been really controversial from different angles. The developer of the famous video game “Fortnite“Is in a dispute to demand the reinstatement of its account in the Developer Program of the technology giant. But everything has been quite chaotic because the conference was by judicial telephone and it has been a real madness.

In this sense, this conference was joined by a good number of people who love Fortnite. But everything became abuzz when gamers clamored for it to be available again in the App Store. For this reason, social networks have become crazy, since this call was public and anyone could connect to be immersed in the process.

What they did not contemplate was that, in addition to listening to the procedures, they could also listen to the participants, in this case the gamers. The court found itself in serious trouble as it was unable to adequately silence those who participated. It was 20 minutes of true terror for the authorities who listened to the screams of the demands of young players.

With more than 200 participants, the call became chaos among those who only chatted to promote YouTube channels, as well as those who demanded the return of Fortnite to their devices. Therefore, from the beginning of this lawsuit it has become clear that it will not be easy for either party. It only remains to hope that Epic games and Apple reach an agreement for the welfare of their users.

In August 2020 Epic Games took legal action against Apple to demand that its account be restored in its Developer Program. This was banned for alleged violations when introducing an alternative payment method to iOS applications. For its part, the developer alleges that the antitrust laws of the United States do not apply and asserts that the technology giant makes exclusive services such as iMessage to block its users from its “ecosystem”.


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