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The strong relationship between the United States and Israel depends on the broad support of American citizens for the Jewish state. A poll released a few days ago by the Pew Research Center showed that, at first glance, U.S. support for Israel was adequate, or even slightly increased. However, a closer look reveals that the future is far from rosy. Support for Israel is declining among younger generations of Americans, while support for Palestinians is increasing. In order to maintain vital U.S. strategic support, Israel must meet the challenge of this weakening of support before young Americans become the leaders of tomorrow and turn their backs on the Jewish state.

The title of the Pew poll — “A Moderate Warming in the U.S. Views on Israel and Palestine” — is reassuring, and the overall picture of the survey is indeed positive. 48%), the percentage of Americans with a positive view has increased by a few percentage points. Among older Americans (65+), support for Israel has skyrocketed (78%). The other good news is that while Israelis often The BDS movement is considered a huge success in the US, but polls show that the vast majority of Americans (84%) know little or nothing about it. Only 5% support the movement.