Coronji Calhoun Sr., ‘Monster’s Ball’ Co-Star, Is Dead At Age 30

Cologne Calhoun Sr. played Halle Berry’s son in the 2001 movie “Monster Ball” and helped his co-star to win the first Oscar for Best Actress by a black woman. He has Passed away at the age of 30. Berry stepped forward on Wednesday to help pay for Calhoun’s “sacred celebration” throughout his life.

Calhoun died of heart failure and lung problems on October 13, his mother Theresa C. Bailey told the CBS branch in New Orleans last month. According to the GoFundMe page hosted by the Calhoun family, Berry and “Monster Ball” producer Lee Daniels each donated $3,394. His mother expressed gratitude for all the contributions. Bailey wrote on Wednesday: “We were overwhelmed by the love that the community and the Kolongi adoptive family showed during our grief.”

“As we end this chapter, we ask you to remember to love your neighbor as you love yourself as you remember him, because this is what Coronji did for his entire community.” Calhoun was born in the parish of St. Charles, with a 10-year-old son and a 13-year-old stepson.

Deadline noted that he auditioned for the role of Berry’s Leticia Musgrove and Sean Combs’ son Tyrell on a 10-year-old Louisiana public casting call. Tyrell was reprimanded and physically abused by Berry’s character for being obese. In an unbearable scene, Leticia beats the boy for eating sweets:

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