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The VFX experts at Corridor Digital used Puget Systems and Unreal Engine 5 to bring their own Dungeons & Dragons performances to life. Here’s how they made this magic a reality.

Monster workstation designer and developer Puget Systems teamed up with Corridor Digital to showcase some visual effects workloads at SIGGRAPH 2022. The companies will preview the Dungeon Son season 2 dungeon map based on Corridor’s hit web series, which is based on the classic role-playing adventure game Dungeons & Dragons.

Similar to the key characters that started as a tabletop game with a handful of voice actors and evolved into an animated series, Dungeon Sons is Corridor Digital’s largest self-funded project inspired by Dungeons & Dragons (DnD). It’s a love letter to the RPG Corridor Crew has loved over the years.

Season 1, with 8 episodes, proved to be a huge success for the production company. But the boys have done something different in their latest adventure.

The show was created using Puget Systems custom workstations to bring fictional worlds to life. Corridor and Dwarven Forge constructed an elaborate DnD table, which was then digitized to create a fully immersive virtual scene. The team then used Unreal Engine 5 and other tools to bring it to life, even immersing itself in the digital world.

The Dungeon Sons Season 2 dungeon map will be showcased at SIGGRAPH 2022 on Puget Systems workstations with AMD Threadripper Pro and NVIDIA RTX 3090. It’s an immersive experience that uses the map with the power of a workstation and the technology behind VFX to show how a project like this can be brought to life.

Puget Systems and Corridor Digital will also demonstrate a new technology called NeRF (Neural Radiation Field). Neural network imaging systems can detect and predict light sources in animated objects, and participants can view the light field being trained in real time. NeRF technology showcased on a new workstation powered by AMD Threadripper Pro and three RTX A6000s is an overwhelming force.