Cosplayer Fan of Fairy Tail perfectly recreated the look of Lucy Heartfilia

While Edens Zero is becoming more and more popular along with the debut of his anime adaptation, fans are taking the time to pay tribute to another great work by Hiro Mashima, fairy tail.

One of these fans is the cosplayer known as Melissa Lissova, who recently shared on her Instagram a simply perfect cosplay from Lucy Heartfilia, our beloved Celestial Mage and protagonist of Fairy Tail.

As you can see in the image below, the cosplayer recreated every detail of the first look of Lucy, which basically consists of a white sleeveless shirt with blue details, a matching skirt, black boots and a brown belt, where your whip and the keys of the Celestial Spirits hang. It is also worth mentioning the Fairy Tail brand in your hand and its unmistakable blonde hair.

If you want to follow the cosplayer’s work, just follow her on Instagram or Twitter.

About Fairy Tail, Mashima is also responsible for the script for Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest, spin-off of his work that once again accompanies Natsu and his guild leaving for the north in order to solve the “100 Years Quest” , a mission that has been incomplete for more than a century.

Furthermore, Edens Zero, Mashima’s latest manga, premiered on April 11 its anime adaptation, which is being produced by the JCStaff studio. Check out the anime trailer below:

You can watch the anime fairy tail fully subtitled in Portuguese through the Crunchyroll.

Accessing the site through this link, you get 14 days of free premium on a new subscription.

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