Crazy! This is the image of particular atoms that has astonished the world of science

UNITED STATES.- A team of experts in engineering and science of the materials have been able to capture the picture from particular atoms. This has astonished the scientific world because, thanks to this, it has been possible to decipher the way to solve the problem of visualizing in detail what can be observed by means of electronic microscopes: solid materials.

In this way, it is necessary to point out that said devices can access images of individual atoms. The RT site defines that some electrons “from the beams are scattered and the lens aberrations reduce their resolution by a factor of 3 to 10.” But the specialists published in the journal Science that they have focused on reconstructing images of diffraction patterns.

In this sense, he also referred that his experiments were carried out in the laboratory of the Cornell University, New York, USA. Likewise, the images they were able to capture have subnanometric precision. This is defined as identifying each atom, but unfortunately they could not reduce the “cloudiness”, as it never exceeded 20 thousandths of a nanometer, although it is still a real madness.

Source: Cornell University.

On the other hand, the experts also underlined that this impressive advance “not only establishes a new record”, but also the fact of being able to reach a quite interesting condition and, above all, spectacular: “the last limit of the resolution, ”said David Muller, who is in charge of the research and serves as a professor of engineering.

Meanwhile, this advance in the matter will also give the possibility of locating atoms with greater precision. At the same time, it is a watershed in terms of atomic measurement, something that until now has not been possible. Finally, the scientific team was extremely optimistic and they assured that there is still a long way to go and they hope to surpass these records to continue paying on the matter.