Crunchyroll announces six new voiceovers, including Re: Zero and The Rising of the Shield Hero

In yet another excellent novelty for the spring season of 2021, the Crunchyroll announced on Monday (12) six new animes that will receive dubbing in Brazilian Portuguese.

There will be three Express Voiceovers, which keep pace with the launch of the series of the season, and three other dubbed titles that fans have long missed. Check out the chosen anime below:

Express Voiceovers

Tokyo Revengers

Takemichi, an unemployed young man with no prospects for the future, suffers an accident and is thrown years into the past, at the time of elementary school – a unique opportunity to save the life of his teenage crush and change his destiny.

To Your Eternity

A young man and his wolf will cross the icy plains of the Arctic, knowing the value of human bonds and discovering the true meaning of life.

I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level

After dying from so much work and reincarnation in a medieval world, Azusa decides that she wants to live an easy life and do as little as possible. But after 300 years, the young mage is so powerful that she can no longer escape the adventure and confusion!

Normal Voiceovers

Re: ZERO ~ Starting Life in Another World ~ (season 2)

After eliminating the White Whale threat and defeating the Archbishop of PreguiƧa, Subaru and Emilia will have to face new threats caused by Witches and the pain of irreversible losses. (Including Memory Snow and Frozen Bond specials)

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (season 1)

Upon being reborn in the body of a friendly blue slime, Rimuru decides to set out on an adventure to create a world where humans and monsters of all races can live in peace! (Including the 5 extra OVAs)

The Rising of the Shield Hero

Humiliated, rejected and deceived, the Hero of the Shield will need to fight alone to stop the Waves of Catastrophe and protect the world that hates him so much, with only the help of the warrior Raphtalia and the adorable Filo.

Recalling that all these voiceovers will be available exclusively to Crunchyroll subscribers in Brazil and Portugal in this second quarter.

By accessing Crunchyroll through this link you get 14 days of premium on a new account.

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