Crystal Cooper dead and obituary, BS-Health Fitness Specialist

While hosting a radio show last week, Fox 2 news anchor Vic Faust delivered a tirade about profanity, sexist remarks and personal insults to a colleague.

Faust used swear words at least 40 times in the roughly four-minute tirade, berating co-host Crystal Cooper on things like weight and parenting skills. After 5 p.m. Faust’s live commentary was digitally recorded and sent anonymously to Post-Dispatch. Friday.

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On Monday, Faust confirmed a confrontation had occurred. “Well, that’s it,” Faust said when told the audio clip was blasphemous. He said there was a “backstory” to the story, but declined to comment further.

During the commercial break of the 100.7 morning show, the co-hosts clashed over their treatment of each other. Audio has been edited. The outbreak occurred last Tuesday morning on KFNS (100.7 FM), a hard rock station called The Viper. It comes towards the end of the morning drive show “The Edge” from 8am to 10am, which Faust regularly hosts with other characters during the week.

Faust has been the main news anchor for local Fox affiliate KTVI (Channel 2) since 2015. 9pm weekday shift with Mandy Murphey and Jasmine Huda. The spark from Faust’s speech appeared to be flying in the final minutes of Tuesday’s radio show, which will be released as a podcast on YouTube. No updated shows have been released. Footage from Tuesday’s show showed Faust and Cooper having an awkward exchange about content on Thursday’s show.

As the show entered its final commercial break at around 9:50 a.m., the on-air exchange became more strident, with Faust calling Cooper a “liar” and saying she “stupidly” came up with a “stupid” topic of. The confrontation soon escalated after it aired: Faust began using profanity, telling Cooper to “shut up” and “shut up” multiple times.

He called them “fat,” “stupid,” and “dirty,” and repeatedly used one of the swear words most commonly directed at women. Then at some point Faust said “you are nothing” and “you are trash”. Talking about her speaking skills, Faust said: “You’re a (expletive) mother and you don’t even know what we’re talking about. You’re just an idiot.”

He even blamed where Cooper went to high school. After calling her “self-righteous,” Faust said, “You think you’re special because you went to Vera (Duchesner).” On a more ominous note, Faust told Cooper not to Back on the show, Riot said he arranged a position for her.

“I’ll be in your (expletive) every day when you come back,” Faust said, adding that he “will call you (expletive) every day.” When Cooper responded that Faust wasn’t hers Boss, she plans to return to the show, Faust said, “Then I’ll make sure of your (oath)…I’ll do whatever I (oath) has to do with you.”

Then, as the show prepares to rebroadcast and end the show, as the confrontation at the end of the show winds down, Faust tells Cooper, “Your child has a (expletive) horrible mother. I feel sorry for you.”