Daffney Unger live stream: Former wrestler Daffney Unger dead after posting a video

TMZ Sports confirmed that Daffney Unger, a former wrestler who starred in WCW from 1999 to 2001, died after posting a very disturbing video on her social media page. That year she was 46 years old. A spokesperson for the Gwinnett County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed the cause of death to TMZ Sports, but did not reveal the cause or method of death.

Daffney’s friend and fighter Lexie Fyfe said the former WCW star, whose real name is Shannon Spruill, was found dead Thursday morning.

Waking up hearing that Daffney Unger passed away breaks my hear so much she will be always be my favorite scream Queen Wrestler of all time Daffney u will be missed very much Queen.

“We are very sad to have to announce Shannon Spruill, aka Daffney Unger,” Lexie said, telling us that she and Daffney are very close and that “they are called sisters.”

“We released this news at the request of her family. Please respect her privacy during this difficult time. I will miss her, my logical sister, from another gentleman.”

Dafni went to the Instagram livestream Wednesday night and appeared to be suicidal. In her video, she said, “Don’t you understand that I’m alone? Don’t you understand?”

Later, I heard her say in the picture, “Remember, my brain went to Boston.”

Fyfe tells us that Daffney has been struggling with mental health issues in recent weeks … and urges anyone who has experienced similar issues to seek help.

Fyfe also told us that after the video was posted it was initially difficult for the police to find Daffney … she explained that Daffney had just moved into another apartment four days ago.

The world of wrestling was shocked at the news … Pean Mickfree said: “I am sorry to learn of Daphne’s death. It is a terrible loss to her family, friends and wrestling. If she is in our industry, she is done. far ahead”. . #RIPDaffney “.

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