TikTok Star Daniel Mac Is leaked, videos and photos reddit and twitter

If you have ever seen someone passing by in an expensive car and want to know how they can afford it, TikTok star Daniel MacDonald provides you with protection.

Last year, the 23-year-old moved to Texas to start a new job. After seeing supercars open in the suburbs of Dallas, he had the idea of ​​a new TikTok account. He wanted to know what those car owners did to be able to cut the price of a luxury car by more than $100,000. So he began to ask: “What do you do for a living?” He said that the whole thing was a “lucky incident” and his first video was a “now or never” moment.

“I had a few months of thinking. I went to Highland Park several times with some friends and saw crazy cars there. Then, one day I met someone driving a Lamborghini with my friend, and I was like,’Hey, now Or never. I posted the video and it blew up overnight,” Daniel told D Magazine.

At the time, Daniel said he had about 10 followers. Now six months later, he has exceeded seven million. Most importantly, he launched a YouTube channel and Instagram account with 645,000 followers. He got some incredible opportunities and pointed out that he had been invited to a billionaire’s Christmas party. He received gifts of Gucci bags and Rolex watches, and he even met some celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Jason Drewlow.

He himself became a celebrity in Dallas, and many car owners recognized him before he had a chance to ask about their career. In most cases, drivers are willing to chat and learn about their luxurious lifestyle. Although many people are willing to talk about their resumes, some drivers behave more shyly. Some of the more interesting answers he received included: “I am married”, “I sell tacos” and “B—-I am 93 years old”.

As for his professional question, what is the most common answer? Daniel said that wealthy people who drive often work in the real estate industry. “It’s always real estate, and then I assume they are commercial real estate, not houses, but they don’t really specify. Real estate, and private equity and software,” Daniel told the magazine.

What is the craziest part of Daniel’s social media star? He said that before opening a TikTok account, he was not even a super car fanatic. He is just really curious! He explained that since opening this account, he “likes cars more and more.”

“Now I can recognize most of the cars I see.”

As Daniel built his own platform inside and outside TikTok, he dabbled in other aspects of elite life, such as their yachts and mansions (this may be because he was recently banned from photographing villages in Highland Park). He is now getting a deep understanding of the roots of their success, asking about their college education and their first job.

Although Daniel said he just hopes to get a good car from the whole experience, it sounds like he is the perfect host to restart the “lifestyle of the rich and famous.”

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