Danielle Zavala is leaked in onlyf and reddit, Photos and videos of former preschool teacher

Danielle Zavala is leaked in onlyf and reddit, Photos and videos of former preschool teacher

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The article for this report is based on a conversation with New Orleans-area BBW model Danielle Zavala. It has been edited for length and clarity. If you had asked me five years ago, I wouldn’t have guessed that I’d be an OnlyF model.

MRandom News Danielle Zavala is leaked in onlyf and reddit, Photos and videos of former preschool teacher

After being a nanny for two years and a former K1 teacher for five years, I switched careers. I love working with children and being a head teacher is the best job I’ve ever had.

But it’s a long time. I work about 40 hours a week and am starting to feel a little exhausted.

After the pandemic started, I felt like things really got out of hand. My school was closed several times due to coronavirus cases and I didn’t feel safe or cared for.

Teachers constantly clash with directors to take our own and our children’s safety seriously. While teachers have had to work harder and deal with more stress during the pandemic, we still feel as undervalued as ever and aren’t making extra money.

I earn less than when I was a nanny. My salary wasn’t the main reason I quit, but it was a heavy burden on my mind. So I quit my job in May, mostly because of concerns about contracting the coronavirus, to focus on modeling.

I have been earning money from modeling since the end of March. At first, I wasn’t sure what angle to pursue. I thought maybe I could do something sexy but I might have to
lose weight

But after I started posting on Instagram, I realized there was a huge audience that totally loved my body. I realized there was actually a market that I could enter by being myself.

So I decided to try a BBW look with the name Devi Thikk. I use OnlyFans and a BBW site called Curvage.org and sometimes get tips through sites like Cash App. I work about 20 hours a week and make more money than I did in school.

(The insider looked at documents confirming Zavala’s gross earnings. She earned more from OnlyFans, Curvage.org, and Cash App tips in October 2021 than she earned in four weeks at school in April and May 2021) Earn about 50% more.)

I can control my career and income. I can make my own schedule without worrying about catching the coronavirus. In the fall, I also worked at a craft store for a while to make some extra money, but within a month I quit. They were understaffed and tried to use me to fill the void. I was overworked and also had to deal with some rude customers.

On the same day I quit my retail job, I was told that they thought they were “exploiting themselves” by working in online sex. This work is not exploitative, especially compared to these low-wage positions with overworked and abusive employees.


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