Daria Dugina dead? The jeep of the daughter of the philosopher Alexander Dugin exploded

The jeep of the daughter of the philosopher Alexander Dugin exploded near the village of Bolshya Vyazemy in the Moscow region. The driver died on the spot.

Aleksandr Dugin is dead?

Witnesses say that the Land Cruiser Prado exploded while driving. Daria Dugina was inside.

Russian propagandists say the explosion of the car is believed to be an attempt by Daria Dugina to kill her father. On the night of August 20, a Land Cruiser Prado was blown up on the outskirts of Moscow, where the daughter of Russian philosopher and “racist” theorist Oleksandr Dugin Daria was located. This was reported by the Baza Telegram Channel.

According to available information, the incident took place in the village of Velikivyazemi near Moscow in the Odintzevo District. The owner of the car, Darya Dugina, who was in the cabin at the time, is said to have died at the scene.

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Oleksandr Dugin, known as a Russian philosopher and propagandist of fascist tendencies, founder of the ideological movement “New Eurasianism”, is considered a theoretician of “racism”. Local media reported his significant influence on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The explosion in the car where Daria Dugina was believed to be located occurred around 10 p.m. Russian propagandists issued the main version – assassination. It was also reported that Oleksandr Dugin himself was also said to be inside the bombing car.

Traffic in the blast area is currently blocked – cars are being diverted. Darya Dugina, like her father, worked in journalism, philosophy and political science. In July 2022, it was added to the UK sanctions list. We remind you that “racism” now has its official page on Wikipedia. In the Global Online Encyclopedia, it is explained as the official political ideology of the powerful regime of the Russian Federation.